$7.00 USD

Political pamphlets have been used in America since the 1800's to communicate political ideas and motivate political movements widely, as well as to create community, transparency, and clarity surrounding the ideas behind those movements. 

This call seeks pamphlets that use either/or text and image, that range from personal reactions and experiences with oppression / to political research and essays / to lists of ways to practice radical self-care / to more. 

This call is open to the LGBTQ community, to womxn, to minorities, to immigrants, and to those with disabilities only. Collaborative pamphlets are welcome and encouraged. 

In keeping with political pamphlets as a form, we are seeking no fewer than 5 and no more than 15 pages of content. The pamphlets are published in batches, given covers and back covers in line with the series design (you can see past batches here), and published as half-letter size, saddle-stitched. Since we risograph print these pamphlets with our community partners Paper Press Punch, single color submissions are our preference. 

These pamphlets will be distributed on street corners, in zine libraries, in bookstores, in newspaper stands, and anywhere else. Anyone is welcome to distribute any amount of these pamphlets anywhere. Each pamphlet will be printed in an initial run of 100 and then printed on demand as needed. The pamphlets will also be digitized on Mount Analogue's site.  

There is an optional donation of any amount you would like to give to help fund the printing and distribution of these pamphlets.

This call will remain open.